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Elanza is a Carpet and Rug manufacturer that aims to elevate the way of living and the visual appeal of your space. Each piece stands out as a unique expression of the artistry and vision of the craftsman. Elanza ensures your works of art are a beautiful treat for the eyes and command immediate attention. Elanza stands out within a cluttered space by virtue of the quantity of effort and the level of care put into the designs prior to them being created.




Our wool carpets are unlike any other. They have an austere design but with a lot of attention to detail. The elegantly trimmed edges and the tie-up details in each design give them the Indian-Bohemian hybrid aesthetic that makes it; simply a statement.


Sisal carpets are made from the long leaves of the agave plant, resulting in a strong but stiff fiber that has a coarse texture. Sisal has a gorgeous characteristic that gives the carpet a distinguished and sophisticated aesthetic.


Natural shades and soft texture make jute an ideal natural flooring for spaces where a luxurious look is an aim. Every individual knot on a jute carpet is weaved, row after row by a designated weaver. This is a time-consuming process that’s renowned for producing the finest quality carpets.


TENCEL® is made from wood pulp which is then made into cellulose before being converted into silky-looking carpets. Carpets made from TENCEL® will be more resilient and last longer. If plush, warm and ornate spaces are what you are looking for, then this is the choice for you.


There is a reason that polyester has been the most widely used synthetic fibre for producing carpets. It is exceptionally resistant to wear and light damage and is more durable than many of the natural fibres on the market.


PET-Yarn is a synthetic material made from recycled plastic bottles, making it an environmentally friendly alternative. The material withstands water, sunlight and dirt in an extraordinary way, hence a PET yarn carpet is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

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